Lady made me disconnect our of angerfor the first time.

Longish with a bit of paraphrasing. I have a thick skin and have never disconnected a customer because of the how rude or abusive they are without proper warning. I normally keep a cool head but external factors (politics and other personal stuff) had affected me. For some context I work for an insurance company and am in a team that is here to fix any issues with customer profiles on our systems. Also people in the UK have stupid poncy names with their houses sometimes. They can be historical or chosen by the occupier. This lady was transferred to me. Me=me Rude lady=RL

Me: From what my colleague explained to me your address has a house name that you don’t want in it.

RL: Yes, and you keep adding it on without my permission.

Me: I can get that fixed but just so you know you may want to update the Post Office as this is what it is registered as. Other…(I was going to say other companies may have the same issue as they address matching systems are often based on the PO data)

(Interupting) RL: No I don’t need to, it is only you that have this issue.

I didn’t bother trying to convince her further she was clearly and entitled idiot.

Me: I have removed the house name and will get this sent of to the team above mine to clear up the background history. Is there anything else I can help you with?

RL: Will this actually be fixed as you have promised me before and I keep getting that name back on.

Me: (didn’t bother explaining that it is because that’s her official address according to most data sets and our matching system changes it back because of that) Yes we can do a manual override and my colleagues will remove the incorrect history. Let me make sure the rest of your details are correct. You have this 12345678910 and 12345678911 as numbers, correct?

RL: Yes

Me: I also what to confirm your email address please.

RL: You should have it!

Me: Yes I have and

RL: It is the OldDomain one, how did you get the NewDomain one, I didn’t give that to you.

Me: Maybe you provided that in the past.

RL: You must have bought it off some company I can’t believe you have done this. I demand to know how you got this email.

Me: That’s can’t be right we have no reason to buy this information off another company. (Most our marketing is historically by post and phone, also customers call us for registering their goods for their manufacturer’s warranty so provide us with all the marketing avenues they need).

RL: Are you calling me a liar?!?

Me: It may be an error… (was going to explain that the two domains are similar so could be an error when captured).

RL: You are calling me a liar and I want to speak to a manager and I want this, etc.

I cut her off at this point and shouted fuck off you cunt, after the disconnect. I have never seen red so badly, something about her entitled, blaming attitude really grated on me.

tl;dr: Entitled, privaledged customer tries to blame us for address issues that are their fault. Gets in a rage about an email address so I disconnect.

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