To the CS who took my call this morning in tears

I called into my insurance RX about a refill that wasn’t covered right something something completely unimportant compared to whatever disastrous news you received before taking my call. CS was hitching in tears, crying and sniffling throughout the call. Barely able to keep her voice from breaking, she powered through, addressed my problem and it felt like giving her a thing to do was helping her a little. She sounded like she just got news about losing a person or pet close to her… crying like I did after losing my 15yo dog, barely able to talk but talking because you had no choice. Her voice rose and fell several octaves at one point I thought she was about to lose it. It made me very uncomfortable that she had to take my call and couldn’t take a break.

I asked her several times during the call if she was okay, and if there was anything I could do. At the end I told her I hope her day improves.

CS person, I am really sorry for your bad news, whatever it was, and that you couldn’t get a few minutes to yourself to even catch your breath.

In hindsight, I think I should have stayed on the line longer to let her breathe before the next call (she can’t hang up on me right?), or asked for her supervisor to advise them this woman needed a break right now! I’m sorry I didn’t do either of those things for you CS agent, you handled my call like a real pro!

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