The customer that wanted to meet us

Hey, here is a short, but sweet story of a nice customer.

I work as customer support for an online shop for a big mobiles (and not only) manufacturer. We deal with all of Europe and get call from different countries.

We get this nice lady from France, S that has an issue with her phone. As it’s been purchased a year ago we direct her to the Warranty support. There are a few issues with that and there are a lot of calls from her always asking to speak to me or my colleague D, because we always help her. She keeps calling everyday, she’s never rude, very nice, she just wants to know what is happening and if there is an update.

She was angry that it was taking this long and I totally get it, but she was never rude to us. Our procedures suck and it took a while before the case was reviewed and we were given the green to get the phone returned.

We do that, everything is now resolved and she calls one last time to thank me and D for our support and to say : “If you’re ever in [her city] please keep my number so we can meet and I can thank you in person. Both you and D”

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