Lady calls me a moron because I cannot legally help her

I work in healthcare tech support based aeound the EPIC system. I take MyChart calls from patients sometimes. Here is one.

This woman calls in and demands information about her mother. She has power of attorney, but since she does not have a proxy access form for her mother, I cannot help her. I told her that she needs a proxy access form for me to be able to help her with her mother’s information. We’ll call her J.

I asked her if she was a proxy. She told me that she should be and that all of her mother’s information comes to her, and her mother has dimentia. J’s phone number and email were listed on her mother’s demographics, no proxy form. She interrupts me with a

“look, listen. I can’t get into her MyChart. It is really frustrating and annoying that I can’t get this to work. So speak with a manager and figure it out. Call the doctor’s office and verify me. I’m really frustrated and upset.”

I tell her once again that since there is no proxy form, I cannot speak with her about her mother or help her with MyChart. She then yells at me saying her email and phone number are on the account again. Like that makes a difference. She then said that she would fax me her information. What? I can see all of the media in her mother’s chart. Then she flips out again.

“This is absolutely absurd. I just want to access her information that I have access to because everything was sent to MY email. Are you the manager? Where is your manager? Someone in charge of you.”

AGAIN I tell J there is nothing I can [legally] do. There is no proxy access sheet so she’d need to have her mother’s PCP fill out a proxy form for her. She told me she would again fax her information. I told her that it was not possible and she screamed again.

“LISTEN MORON, YOU’RE REPEATING THE SAME THING. I WANNA FAX IT TO YOU. F-A-X. fax it to you, or I can email it to you, text message. This is absurd! And this morning I spoke to someone who sounded– a little more mature and older than you- who was more than happy to help me.”

I told her I would put her on a hold to see if I can look into it… (I played a mobile game for a few minutes) I took her off hold and she is still fuming after I told her there is nothing I could do.

“How about you call the doctors office and set up the proxy yourself? This is absurd that I need permission for SOMETHING THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE FROM THE BEGINNING!”

One more time I told her that she needs to speak with the doctor and have a proxy access form filled, like a broken record. J sounds defeated at this point. She’s sighing and no longer screaming. I had done it, worn her down. She’s now asking what the difference is between her being the POA and needing a proxy form. I told her that POA does not give access to the MyChart information she needed. It is a policy. She was asking how to get a proxy after I told her.

“Stop repeating your sentence. I’m asking you how to get proxy. Tell me how to get proxy.”

Repeating myself again I told J to call her mother’s PCP to set up proxy access. She sighed and said

“Thanks for not helping.”

To which I responded with a very happy “You’re welcome!” Cunt.

Tldr; lady is fucking pissed and screams at me because she does not have proper permissions to view her mother’s MyChart information. Sorry J, it’s a policy.

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