A pleasant surprise for Cyber Monday

I work for a big retail company and assist with online orders by phone. Earlier a customer called in search of some toddler jackets. He sounded elderly and was quite chatty. I finally managed to get the details of the item he was searching for, we went through the order and as I’m about to go through my closing lines, he stops me and says: “I know you work long and hard hours, but can I ask you a question? I promise this is clean.”

Having dealt with psycho perverts in the past, I cautiously told him to go ahead, but cursor ready to hit “malicious call trace”.

“Do you know how Captain Hook lost his first hand?”

Confused, I said “I don’t recall, but you can tell me.”

“He lost it to Peter Pan who fed it to a crocodile. But do you know where he got his hook?”


“At the SECOND HAND STORE.See, I have a sense of humor.”

Put a smile on my face amidst this CM madness. ☺️ Hope everyone else is surviving!

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