That is not what I was told!!!

I work at a phone company call center and one morning I get a call from this one guy, let’s call him Tim. Tim tells me he was oriented about an offer of a free phone with an added line the day before and he was interested, so the rep opened the line but instead of adding his phone order the rep transfered him to another sales department for the order to be placed. The new rep basically tells the customer “Sorry man I can’t place the order with the offer because the line has already been added”.

So after hearing this I tell him I’ll see what I can do. Talk to my supervisor and since it’s been less than 24 hours and he already has a few other qualifying attributes he tells me to make an exception and work the offer. So I tell Tim which phones are available with the offer and he says he wants to go to the store and see them personally and asks if the offer would still apply, I say he needs to make the order with my Dept. In less than 24 hours but that yeah he can go check the phones and close the call.

About 6 hours later I get a call and it just so happens to be Tim telling me that he wants to cancel the line that was added the day before because he added a new line in the store and applied the offer to this one. At this point I’m explaining that’s real bad because the offer has a disqualifier about cancelled lines in the 90 days preceding the current offer line addition and although it technically counts as after there’s a few other details that could end up having the phone be charged. He goes off yelling how he was told to do the entire offer in the store and this was our fault for not explaining well, I had actually written the entire orientation in case someone else answered the call and there was no way he was going to lie to anyone about this. I explained that it’s not even 100% sure the offer will be removed but it is likely given the situation. He keeps yelling about hating my company and wanting to cancel both lines now and how he was lied to. In the end I convinced him to keep the line in which he had the offer to make sure it had been applied or not before removing it.

Just gotta love when they try to lie their way out of something when there’s proof against them.

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I can’t be the only one this happens to…

What peeves me about call center work.