Strange Calls Strange Noises

Question – Does anyone else get calls from odd area codes (if you are used to dealing with certain areas) and the call has odd background noise. Not normal people talking before you get on the phone with them but background noises like – fireplaces sound up close, walking in a wooden floor hallway, obviously recorded crowd noises, truck engine sounds, and more. No one ever starts talking just a long running playback of sounds.

I mean the red-headed stepchild of call centers – outbound telemarketing at least talk, be it legit sales or scam, but what are these? Anyone else? Average 3-5 a day. No joke while typing this had 2 in a row 2 different area codes and identical crowd noises.

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  1. Hang up immediately, better yet don’t answer numbers you’re not familiar with. It’s the scammers making sure your line is a live line. That way they are able to mask their number with yours when they make outbound calls

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