Accused of mail fraud?!

This story literally occurred an hour ago right before I went to lunch.

One of my line of businesses is (for lack of a better term) an accounting dept. Customers send us payment and without getting to much into it we provide services. Best way I can explain while keeping the story short.

Anyways, conversation goes like this, for context the payment she was suppose to send was due months ago now.

Customer: I sent in the payment the month it was due! you guys haven’t received it!

Me: No Ma’am. Have you checked with your bank? Did they report the check cleared?

Customer: I checked with my bank they say it never cleared! I don’t wanna pay any late fees and I suspect you guys have some mail fraud occurring in your dept!

Me internally: What the #!@%?!

Me: Ma’am… That’s a serious accusation (double so since I essentially work for my in State’s government)… Since you even admitted the check as not cleared the bank it’s very likely lost in the mail. We already have a waive of the late fees set by (another agent) you have 13 days to get payment to us again.

She had no further questions, made my notes went to the next call…

Just people with no evidence what so ever talking out there ass annoys the ever living hell out of me.

Thanks for reading, using this as my venting platform since it’s been a long week with little sleep due to personal stress. It took everything in me to bite my lips with her.

Stay sane guys.

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