Rape Threat my First Week on the Job

Obligatory “this happened years ago” opening. It was my first week at a call center. I was 19 and somewhat sheltered. This call has stayed with me.

First week on the job, second day taking calls. It’s a call center for a bank. If someone calls in and verifies through the automated system, their information pops up on my screen. If not, I have to gather information. I always try to be polite and professional. I’ll be me. Rapeguy will be RG.

Me: Thank you for calling (bank that no longer exists), this is Z0mbiegrl. How can I help you today?

RG, in a very high voice: “My card was just declined! How dare you people! I just made a deposit! I know I have money!”

Me: I’m so sorry to hear that, ma’am! If you can -“

RG: “Ma’am?! Did you just call me ma’am?”

Me, taking a cue: “I’m sorry, sir. Now if you can give me your card number -“

RG: “No. No, fuck you. I’m more man than you can handle! I’ve got a twelve inch Johnson and I know how to use it! I’m gonna come down there and show you. You sound like you need a good deep dicking! Teach you to call me ma’am! I’ll shove this dick so far down your -“

At that point, I panicked and hung up. I dashed off to the restroom and spent my 15 crying and freaking out.

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