I hope your day is as wonderful as you are!

So, I made a mistake today.

I work in a call center servicing a big box store credit card, and this guy calls in. Applied for a card back in September, and was JUST NOW at the store complaining that he never received it. In December. Three months later.

Cue smashing my face into the desk

At first, everything seemed okay and I was processing the initial card as lost since it was never returned to us. Told him we could have a new one sent out, gave him the timeframe, he agreed and then suddenly said his wife had a question. He gave permission to speak to her, so I had him put her on the line.

She wanted the account number, which of course I advised I couldn’t provide him, and most certainly couldn’t provide her. We just can’t do it with a major label credit card. Apparently, they’re closing on a house and just need documentation stating there’s a zero balance. Great! I can do that! I told her I just needed to talk to him to get a letter sent out.

He gets back on the phone and he. Is. Pissed. I have no idea what happened in the two minutes I was speaking to his lovely wife (she really was a sweetheart), but he starts tearing into me. He said he didn’t want a card sent, he wanted the letter emailed, and they were closing the account after they closed on their house next week because we have taken almost four months to get a card to him and no one has contacted him to see if he got his card.

record scratch What? No one does that. It’s your responsibility to call us if you don’t get your card, especially MONTHS after you apply and are approved.

So I told him I can’t cancel the lost process and that I confirmed that sending a new card was okay with him before we finished the process. We cannot email the letter, but I am happy to mail it and it would be to him within the timeframe. So then he starts mocking me, calls me a stupid bitch, says that I’ve screwed him over, and then laughs bitterly and goes silent. I apologized for the “inconvenience” and asked if there was anything else I could do for him today after going over what was being sent to him.

He proceeds to say I have done nothing for him, I’m terrible at my job, and it’s going to be my fault that they don’t get their house, BUT HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS.

I said, “I hope your day is as great as you are, sir! Thank you for being a valued (store customer) and enjoy your holiday.“

So I essentially told him to take a long walk off a short pier in CSR and now I’m terrified to go to work Tuesday. It popped out before I could stop it. This month has worn me down and it’s only halfway over. Hang in there, folks. We’ll get through this holiday.

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