Rant. Considering to just quit. This is unbelievable.

The facts:
– first non-homebased job right out of college. Homebased job (total 1 year) while in high school was freelance web content writer.
– I thought I knew people — I fucking didn’t
– the stupidity is absurd, ungrateful fucks are everywhere, and the abuse… is unbelievable
no, friends, I am *not** as emotionally prepared as I thought I was*
– tho if I nope out, I feel like a massive pussy.
– I need a damn minimum 6 months experience for work background and a regularization
– can’t afford to wait longer for company health card; mom needs it more than I do.

But, seriously. I was not as prepared as I thought I was. Or maybe it’s the manic depression talking. My therapist is on vacation for this month and I lost my prescription so I haven’t been taking my meds for two weeks and counting.

I don’t know. All I know is it’s made me hate people even more, holy shit. And hate me too for my inability to handle these dickheads.

Some of the worst callers I got who really struck a nerve:

last week: tell cx her item is not covered by purchase protection. Gave 2 alternative resolution: request refund from merchant or call card issuer and dispute with them, hopefully their policy covers the item cuz ours don’t

This little ungrateful ass wipe’s response: “So you can’t do anything for me at all?” Fucking asshole. I shit you not this struck me so bad I barked back, “wonder how you’ll ever know card chargeback is a thing if I hadn’t told you. You obviously had no clue. Sounds like you grew up an entitled spoiled little shit. You’re welcome, you ungrateful madame. I hangup. Yep, 1 of these days I’m defo gonna get fired if I keep this up.

The interrupt queen: would interrupt me mid-sentence literally every time I’m about to answer her question and provide resolution. Interrupted her once and she made a huge fuss how I never listened. Bitch, please, take your narcissism somewhere else. Go fuck yourself.

This 30 year old dumbass who didn’t know what “dd/mm/yyyy” means. How in the holy hell…

And lastly, this Gary Stu. All quotes verbatim. 2 minutes in while pulling up his acct, “does it take that long to pull up an account?” Tell him why withdrawal is on hold. “So release it.” Tell him we can’t, cuz policy, security, and terminable offense. “So you literally have no idea what you’re doing.” Wow, ok, go figure. Give him tips on how to NOT have their withdrawal on hold in the future. “That doesn’t help me now though, you still haven’t done shit for me.” End of call and this ass wipe rants for 20 minutes straight. Tell him he has to stop abuse and profanity and that we’re not exactly going anywhere anymore. Decides to do r/iamverybadass, verbatim threat: “If you were in front of me, I would jam my arm down your fucking throat and pull your intestines out. I will strangle with you it and bury you in cement.” Pretty sure at this point this guy has serious issues. “This is the point where you hang up, you worthless piece of shit, I want you to know you don’t deserve your job. Your salary. Your life. Or anything. You are worthless. You are dumb. You should die.” And he hangs up. Fucking unbelievable.

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