Broken Phone

So this just happened and I wanted to share it while it’s fresh in my head. I work for a tech company that uses some fruit as our logo. I happen to be a senior advisor so I get a lot of pointlessly escalated calls. However, this person’s sense of entitlement is something else.

So call comes in and this person had dropped their phone. Made a big deal out of the type of case that the phone was in. Says they spoke to their carrier who basically brushed them off and told them to talk to us about getting their device repaired because when they dropped it, the back glass had broken.

Well, this person says they went into one of our stores, in a ridiculously busy location, without an appointment and says that an employee just walked up to them and started talking about their device. Well, most walk in appointments take at least 1-2 hours to get worked in, so that was a flag to me. This person goes on about how the agent they spoke with told them it’s going to be $500+ to replace the device. All the while this agent never creates a case or does any of the preliminary stuff our stores do when talking about a damaged device, second flag.

Our conversation goes on and this person drops the big bomb on me saying that the agent they spoke with, out of no where, just says hey call tech support and they’ll make an exception for you and cover the whole cost of repair, flag three. So at this point I ask if they remember what store they went to or what the name of the agent was with whom they spoke. I actually get through quickly to the store and end up speaking with a higher ranking person in the store. Tell them what I’ve been told and they are as skeptical as I am about the tale. No appointments, people matching the name, or similar devices with the same issues in the time frame I provided. This repair room person says that they’d seriously be surprised if anyone in the store would have even done this. Okay, time to break the bad news.

Queue the dramatics. This person starts goin on about how everyone in their large family is going to switch away from our devices because of this one phone. Starts going off about how they always get terrible customer service when they call. At this point I chime in to them and say, “I’m not exactly sure I follow why they think they are getting poor service. I stated that I realize they may not be getting the answer they were after but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are getting poor service.” We go round and round for a while about why I won’t just give them the repair for free because we are a really successful company and boils down to we have money why don’t we pay for it. Keeps threatening all the phones of everyone in their family, I think they said 25, over just this phone that they dropped and broke. I at some point get called an asshole by this person and they ended the call on me. I was sad it ended in such an anticlimactic fashion because I was on the verge of delivering a hard NO. I told them that if there was something we had done or caused the issue, then, we’d be willing to help. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Rant. Considering to just quit. This is unbelievable.

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