You can go somewhere else

Obligatory this was written on mobile, and I suck at story telling, sorry.

I work with credit cards, which already can be a touchy subject.

The customer i was working with was trying to rent a car, but was having issues with the card being declined.



worker=car rental worker

Me: Hello welcome! I am me, how can i help?

Cust: I’m trying to rent a car my card isn’t working what’s going on

Me: no problem let me verify you and see what’s going on

we go through verification, i find out we approved the transaction, car place did not.

Me: Alrighty looks like we have approved your transaction, the car company seems to be having some technical difficulties on their end.

Cust: Oh okay, I guess I’ll try it again.

tries, still doesn’t work, car company is still not approving it

Cust: Its still not working.

Me: Oh I’m sorry let me review the account again….

there’s a bit of silence here, so the customer decides its story time

Cust: Yeah I’m traveling to visit family and i need this car to get around and blah blah blah. And these snot nosed little shits wont let me rent my fucking car.


Worker in the background: ….You can go somewhere else

Cust: … what?

Me internally: dude holy shit what

Worker: You dont have to rent a car here, you can go get it somewhere else

Cust: ..Ok…

Me:…… Can I help with anything else?

Cust: I guess not, I don’t know how I’m going to get home….

Me: I’m sorry……if you have anymore questions for us just call back? okay bye.


I feel bad for the dude, but also don’t shit talk the person who you’re trying to get stuff from. I was so dumbfounded by the end of the call. This was probably a year ago by now but every once in a while i remember this and I’m amazed honestly.

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