Of All the Condescending Things Customers Have Said to Me…

This one probably isn’t even the worst or even top 5 but damn if it didn’t rub me the wrong way:

” I knew the outcome. You are letting the delivery service dictate what to do. You are forgetting the principal, the client. Because of us, the consumers that purchase at *the retailer* is the reason you put food on your table. Always remember that. Enjoy!”

First of all– fuck you.

Second of all– fuck you.

Third of all– you ain’t putting fuck all on anything of mine so fuck you.

Beyond all of that, the assumption here is that if I want you to keep putting food on the table that I need to change how retail works as if I, the lowly front line associate with the misfortune of being paid to deal with your dumbass, somehow have the power to do that.

That “Enjoy!” at the end tho… Things customers are brave enough to say when they aren’t face to face or even voice to voice. Like, who the fuck do you think you talkin to, bruh? (Don’t answer that. Let me pretend to be hard lol)

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