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Another tale from bank complaints.

At the time I was working 12-8 shift, I took a call right before 8pm from a customer furious a payment had been processed incorrectly. During that call, I refunded the payment (couldn’t recall) sent it correctly, gave him some compensation and obviously apologies and empathy. I also said I would of course feed back to the agent who made the mistake via their team leader. At the time, my system didn’t show me who it was, I had to speak to another area of the bank who finished at 5. Customer wanted a call back the next day.

So I get in at 12 to be told customer has already called for me twice. Colour me confused, for I had been clear I wasn’t in till midday.

So I call him back. I once again offer my apologies for the confusion, say I’ve located the agent and have already spoken to the TL (it was a genuine human error). Customer says This Is Not Good Enough, he DEMANDS to know the name of the agent who made the mistake. I apologise and say I can’t share this with him. Conversation follows thusly:

Him: do you have children?

Me: not sure this is relevant, but yes I do.

Him: so tell me, how would you feel if someone murdered your children, and the police knew who did it but wouldn’t tell you?

Me:…are you serious?

Me:…I find it utterly offensive that you would say that to me – the situations are in no way comparable. I have resolved your complaint with apologies, compensated you and addressed with the advisor concerned. Is there anything further I can do for you, or have I satisfactorily resolved the issue?

Funnily enough, he was totally fine after that. What a surprise.

I guess some customers just like to push and push and push for a reaction – I suppose I was lucky he didn’t try and push up to my manager, but I was reasonably certain they would back me, not him!

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