Guest get’s frustrated that I don’t know what he’s looking at. *Kinda long*

I work in a call center where we book vacations, primarily cruises. The guest I spoke with called in with a couple simple requests in a VERY condescending tone. He starts off saying he is already booked, and needed help getting some things reserved (I’m in sales, so this call counts against my conversion, a very important metric in my department) I verify his booking number and other information and access the account.

The add-ons he was looking for is in a different system than the reservation. Basically we have 1 system for the cruise, 1 system for add-ons.

We start with looking at pricing for the beverage package, and then pricing for a 2 device internet package individually. He get’s uppity at me for not looking at the combo package that would save him 20 dollars. He specifically asked for them individually, as in : “What’s the price for the beverage package?” *gives price* “Whats the price for the internet for 2 devices?” You can see why I didn’t immediately jump to combo package.

Something to note about the internet, we have 2 speeds. Internet Surf: text based, for writing emails mostly, and Internet Surf and Stream: Higher bandwidth that allows streaming video and uploading photos and all that fun stuff.

So I price out the combo package, but the description of it just says “Deluxe beverage package and internet” No notes as to the speed, I put the guest on hold for about a minute and a half while I went through my internal articles to get the correct info. (It was the internet Surf and Stream btw) So I get that price for him.

Then (this is where it gets good) he asks me about the picture on Cozumel because he wants to do that excursion. I am utterly confused. So I ask

Me: “What do you mean, picture of Cozumel”

Him: “The picture of the temple on Cozumel, on my itinerary”

Me: “I’m not quite sure, my systems are text based so I don’t have any pictures, but we do have a few temple excursions we can look at” (we really don’t use the website on out end if we can help it.)

Him: “Its right here on the website! We use the same website! THE. SAME. WEBSITE. It’s under the itinerary for the cruise, Leave from X, Sea day, Cozumel!”

At this point I understand. When you’re looking at cruises on the website, you can select “explore this itinerary” and as you scroll through, it has a photo of the places you’re visiting.

Me: “Oh, I know what you’re looking at now! if you give me a moment to get there, I can see what exactly that is.”

Him: “Never mind! I don’t have time for this bullshit!” *hangs up*

And that was the first time someone has hung up on me for a while…

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Lady complains on social media, confused everyone, then gets mad we call with questions so we can help.

No it’s not the same!