I just need to vent

I work as a chat CSR for a large retailer. Like most call centers, we have surveys that customers take and stats that we have to meet for said survey answers. At my job, there three questions on the survey which correlate to three stats: likely to shop again, customer effort, and associate satisfaction. Anything less than the top answer on a question is essentially a 0. Usually I am killing it stats wise with very minimal effort but it is the holiday time with lots of order issues or customers wanting things a certain way or things that I just can’t magically change for them. So while my associate satisfaction and customer effort scores are well over 100% I am at 99.43% for likely to shop again.

We also have SMS as another way for customers to get help but I don’t usually work it. Occasionally they will pull chat agents to help with SMS which is all good and everything, but because the pools are different and SMS is somewhat new, the stats for SMS don’t matter if you are a chat agent.

Surveys are a numbers game. The more you get, the more things even out. But like fucking clockwork every day I keep getting pulled about halfway into my shift from chat to SMS stunting the amount of surveys that get counted into my stats and keeping me stuck at a 99.43% LTSA score or even driving it further down. Like this morning. I get an impossible issue that I worked a miracle to solve but still get a bad survey score for LTSA. Immediately after that chat, I get pulled to SMS so there’s no fucking chance for me to recover.

The fiscal month ends next Sunday. Work has recently started doing this deal where if you don’t meet even one stat even just one month, you get put on a performance plan which I have been on only once in the 4 years I’ve done this job, for a likely to shop again stat that was less than one point from meeting. It happened right after this rule change went into place during a period where the team supervisor was MIA and we were all operating pretty much on our own. A performance plan is the most condescending bullshit I have ever gone through in my life and I will be damned if I do it ever again. But I won’t get a chance to not be on it if they keep pulling me from my line of business to another one.

I am whining, I know. I’m just really irritated. There is still time. I can maybe get it up. But I know its going to have gone down today based on the couple of bad chats I had with problems created by other people not doing their jobs correctly to begin with. I fucking hate these survey stats, and I fucking hate this perfect score or its a failure mentality. And I fucking hate being treated like a child. My whole goal at my job is to meet my stats so people leave me the fuck alone. No one sits with me. No extra coaching sessions. No meetings with QA. I just want to be left alone.

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