Some stupid things I’ve heard today

Hey all, obligatory on mobile blah blah. So I work as a sales rep on the phones for an internet provider in the US. Thought I’d share some of the gems that I got to hear today.

We are not satellite so to get the internet requires a cabling, copper phone lines in most areas some are fiber. I told this guy we dont have service available at his address his response was “well I’ve had electricity here for four years so why cant I get internet” as if electricity is provided over phone lines and there aren’t other determining factors. He was absolutely baffled when I explained they are different lines and that there are many other things that could determine availability for service.

I was talking to a woman about her internet and she was asking some questions about her router, standard stuff until she told me ” I turn my router off when I’m not using my internet so I dont get cancer from the radiation”.

This man was frustrated with his current company and considering my company and I had to confirm with our engineers first what speeds we would have that would work for him before we could go over pricing and he just keeps complaining about how horribly his current company treats him amd that he wants to switch to us and “stick it to comcast in the ass”. I asked him to hold so I could call the engineers after that. I only have a chat system with engineers but I didnt want to hear him cause he barely breathed.

Potential new customer asking about new service and such, doesnt know mich about internet, one of the self dubbed “technology illiterate” which is fine, I have no problem explaining these things, It a main part of my job, she asks if we provide the internet motor. Must have gotten modem and route mixed up but I had a good chuckle about it amd continued with her, she was actually pretty pleasant to talk to so I didnt mind.

That was just a few of the funs ones I had today, hope you all enjoy!

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