Lady complains on social media, confused everyone, then gets mad we call with questions so we can help.

This ones maybe a bit more mild, but still leaves me frustrated.

I work in a call center for insurance. We have a social media team. My division of insurance is technically another sister company but it’s all accessed through one site.

Woman is having trouble online. She decided to complain on social media. Apparently she’s known for this. I guess it’s a fun pastime.

Anyways she sends in a screen shot of the app and at the top says

“Well this is concerning”

Inserts 2 screenshots

“Why can’t I see my policies?”

The Social Media team is confused, they forward it on to my department head and ask her to look into it. She asks me to call the woman to find out what she’s talking about because we are all confused. Right in her screenshots you can see her policies.

Here is our conversation where I call out

Me: “Hi this is SlowlySlipping with [Insurance Company] on a recorded line. Is this Mrs. Cranky Pants?”
CP: “Yes this is she.”
Me: “Great! Thank you Mrs. Cranky Pants. I’m reaching out to you about your messages on Facebook. I’d like to get some clarity on the issues you’re having and work on resolving this for you. Do you have some time to talk?”
CP: “Yea.”
Me: “Okay so I see that you said you’re unable to see you policies? Is that when you’re using your own user name? Or are you using someone in the households?” (This is a common issue. People use their spouses login and expect to see their single owned policy)
CP: “No. My issue is that my payment is showing as processing four times.”
Me: “Oh! Okay, definitely understand the concern with that. Please allow me just a moment and I’ll look into this for you.”
CP: “One would think you’d actually look into something before calling me.”
Me: “My apologies, I didn’t know that was the issue at hand. I thought it was you not being able to see your policies.”
CP: “No.”
Me: “Okay just a moment.”

I look over her policies only see that one payment is processing. Confirm it with her apologize for any confusion and concern it caused. She carries on for a few minutes about how it was concerning and not okay. I serve up some empathy. Apologize and let her know I’m reporting the issue.

She says “Well will someone call me back to tell me the outcome.”
This is one of those odd things that isn’t going to have a solid outcome but I tell her that yes I will make sure she gets a follow up call.
She then does this bitchy sigh and says “Good. Don’t call me today though. I have better things to do and a sick kid to put to sleep.”

Do you want to talk to us or not? 😂

And you’re mad that I didn’t call you with an answer to the question you didn’t ask?

I can’t with people.

How dare I not be a mind reader. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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