Give me your number and I give you hers

Well, today was my first day ever working on a call center. While on hearings, the number called was from a female customer. Her lover pick up the phone. “Hello, darling”, were his first words.

He said she was cooking the lunch. So, he was asked to either give the phone to her, note the 0800 number to call later or update her number on the system. He opted to update the number, and this is where things got weirder.

He would just give the number if the caller gave her personal number in exchange. Yeah, he was flirting with her. He said he liked her voice.

We had to contain ourselves, otherwise the entire floor would hear us laughing.

He later changed his argument that he did not know the client. Oh goodness.

I got maybe two or three stories just from today, and this is the #1 in the ranking.

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