"I hope you have a day as wonderful as you are." Stolen and just used.

Just happened. Me: Me, Cust is Cust.

Got a call from a customer because he was invoiced and he was bitching because he said he wasn’t supposed to be.

Cust: “You said you were liable. Why did I get a bill? I’m disgusted.”

Me: Internally. “I’m sure you are and I’m sure idc.” Me: Externally “I can take a look at that. Can I place you on hold to review the account.”

Cust: “Do you know why I’m calling before I get put on hold.”

Me: Recaps

Cust: “No.” Then recaps exactly what I just said.

Me: Eyes rolling puts cust on hold to review the notes.

Well the notes didn’t say anything about who was or was not liable, so I called the Warehouse and they’re like no, he wasn’t.

So I started the cancellation and advised customer and instead of being grateful, he was an utter douche. “I’m sorry, I just don’t trust you. You need to send me something saying you’re cancelling NOW.”

Me: “Well, I don’t have anything now to send you, we have to cancel it.”

Cust: “Well, I wanna talk to your supervisor.”

Me: “Sure.” Me: Internally “They’re not going to send you shit.”

Lead gets online and says “Send him an email from internal (so he doesnt have my info) and say it to shut him the hell up.”

Me: Sends email

Gets back to cust “Oh they’re not available atm.” Cust is all “Send me something NOW. Blah blah.”

I tell him I did and then just before I disconnect I blast him with a “Hope your day is as wonderful as you are.” Click.

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