"You Need To Talk Faster Lady…I Can’t Hear You’

So I work at a major auto insurance call center. I take claims, determine liability, go over coverages or lack thereof…always an interesting day.

So anyways, I got a call the other day from an irate customer. Transfered to me from our service department.

“Thank you for calling —–, this is Lyn how can I help you?”

Service – “This is —- from Service. I’m sorry, but I have a policy holder on the phone (never good when they start with an apology). He is kind of…irate, and says that his rental was stolen.”

Knowing he is angry I get all the identifying info out of the way with the Service guy. He apologizes and transfers over the irate and entitled customer.

“Hey! This is Lyn in claims. I heard your rental was stolen, I’m so sorry. I’m going to…”

Entitled Caller – “Better talk fast lady! Better talk fast!”

Me – “We will take care of this as fast as I can, lets start w….”

EC – “Lady, you better talk fast. This needs to be taken care of.”

Me- “Understood, and thus must be frustrating. Lets start w…”

EC – “Lady I can’t hear you. You need to talk fast.” (He repeated this nearly every time)

Me- ” Oh I apologize! (Voice raised) Can you h…”

EC – “Lady I can’t hear you and you need too speak fast. This needs to be done.”

Me, cups hand over Mic towards my mouth- “Can you…”

EC- “Lady this whole process is ridiculous. You need to take care of this. Just send someone to my house.”

Me- “We can’t send someone to your house to take the claim, but I will work to get this done as qu…”

EC- “No lady. You have that biiiiig company with all your money. You can either come to my house or talk to my lawyer. That what you want lady?”

Me- “Since you have said you are hard of hearing, why don’t you give me your lawyers number. I’d be happy to call them. I’m sure they won’t mind starting this process for you…”

EC- “Listen lady, you can come to my house or talk to my lawyer”

Me- “Sure I’ll speak to your lawyer. What is their contact information? Or you can go online…”

EC- “Lady. You and your big company can send someone to my house”

EC then hangs up. I create a claim with what little info I have. Which is stolen rental. And I’m both disappointed I’ll never enjoy his delightful conversation again, because theft is its own thing. And also relieved I don’t have to hear ‘Lady’ and ‘Better talk fast’ for the twentieth time. I do wish I could be a fly on that wall.

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