Gosh, I hope I made it short enough…

Back with another fun transcript! A little background: for those who don’t know, I work chat customer service for an online retailer. At my job, we have what we’d call a reseller problem. These are individuals who purchase items from us and then resell them on ebay and whatever else website at an upcharge. As you can imagine, this isn’t really all that profitable unless they are able to get the products from us cheap. So what they do is chat in trying to get discounts which used to be hell cause we did have a courtesy discount policy that they took advantage of. Then we changed policies and cracked down. We only do price matching, which includes to our site. Due to the crackdown, the resellers are more polite now cause abusive ones get banned. The get that they don’t really take priority over standard customers and they usually just wait patiently. This asshole though… Right as I was about to tell them I was done, they decided to piss me off. And since it’s Christmas Eve, I decided to give myself a little present and focus on my other customer who needed a little Christmas magic miracle.

Anyway, tl;dr- Reseller decided we were both going to be an asshole this morning.


Prechat Survey: You guys dropped the price of item for which I paid $74.06 & now it’s price is $72.99 *gives order information* Just Refund the Price Difference which is my legal right (As an aside, I can tell you this tone was 100% not necessary. I was going to ignore it and just get it done but… )

Me , 24 Dec. 2019, 8:58am:

Hello there, *Reseller*. Thank you for chatting in with *retailer*. I can check one price match for you. Please allow me 3-5 minutes.

*Reseller*, 24 Dec. 2019, 9:01am:

ok make it short

— Right as he sent this, I was about to press enter on my response telling him I had made the adjustment… Somehow it got deleted though and I just got so side tracked–

*Reseller*, 24 Dec. 2019, 9:03am:


*Reseller*, 24 Dec. 2019, 9:03am:

Why it is taking so long

Me , 24 Dec. 2019, 9:03am:

Just checking in to let you know I am still here, *Reseller*. I am still looking into this. I appreciate your patience. Please bear with me for 3-5 more minutes! 🙂

Me , 24 Dec. 2019, 9:08am:

Still here, *Reseller*. I apologize for the delay. Running into some system issues. Thank you for standing by!

*Reseller*, 24 Dec. 2019, 9:08am:

I’m waiting

Me , 24 Dec. 2019, 9:13am:

I am not sure what is going on with my systems today. I really do apologize about this but I thank you for waiting. Hopefully not too much longer.

*Reseller*, 24 Dec. 2019, 9:14am:

Are you gonna do something or not?

Me , 24 Dec. 2019, 9:14am:

As soon as I am able to, I’ll be happy to check into your order for you. Again, I really do appreciate you being so patient.

Me , 24 Dec. 2019, 9:22am:

Alright, *Reseller*. I was finally able to verify the price for that item at $72.99 and have applied the adjustment to your order. You will receive an credit in the amount of $1.07 back to your original method of payment within 3-5 business days.

*Reseller*, 24 Dec. 2019, 9:23am:


Me , 24 Dec. 2019, 9:24am:

Is there anything else I can check into for you ?

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