Idiot customer don’t care for turn around times

I work as a call center agent for 6 years now and this is one of the most ridiculous thing I heard from a customer.

I work for a three lettered utility UK company (yeah, one of the big six) and this is the first time I handled home moves and customer service front desk. However, this is not the first time I handled billing concerns.

So idiot customer called us to inform that he got a letter saying that he has not paid the bill yet and he is being reminded to pay it before legal action is done. Upon checking his account, he clearly paid it. The same day we went the payment reminder out. if you pay via post office, bank, etc, it will take a max of 2-3 working days for the payment to be posted on our systems. He clearly said that he always go and visit his bank to pay our company as there is one near where he works.

He is annoyed that our system is not up to date and he should not be getting these types of letters because he already paid it.

I tried to explain and he kept on ranting that he is going to complain us to the Ombudsman.

As a policy, any sign of disatisfaction, no matter how idiotic the customer is, we have to file it as a complaint. I did and sent it to our complaints team.

Maybe around a three months later, I got a call and lo and behold, its the same customer because I found my ID on his account’s notes and decided to check up what it was all about. Found a long note after mine which basically explains what happend. I also found an attached email correspondence between him and the complaint agent who handled the complaint. I cant believe a simple scenario took 3 months to be solved (a deadlocked case) and the customer is still grumbling about it because he’s calling again with the same scenario. Yay me…

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