Another Customer Decides What They Want Is How Things Work.

Hey everyone. I’m a first timer here but thought I’d share a particularly egregious example of a massive work pet hate I have. Sorry in advance for my bad grammar, I guess that’s why I talk to people for a living.

So I work for a large car finance company (company sucks but employees and managers are pretty good so I’ve stuck around) about a week ago i had a customer get through to me. Told me off the bat his car had been stolen while he was on holiday.

I did what I usually do and offer to note it on the system and ask him if his insurer need a settlement figure and that he may need to check if he has gap insurance which is usually set up by a dealership. (Most people call us because the insurer asked them to make us aware but they rarely tell them to have us send a figure over.)

That’s when this one really got into swing.

Customer: exhaled sharply into the phone mic “I dont need you to tell me what to do pal. I’ve worked in a finance firm for 30 years”

Me: “my apologies sir. What is it I can help with today”

Customer: “well obviously I want you to freeze my account until the police and insurer have finished the investigation”

Me: “I’m sorry sir but the re-payments need to continue until the account is settled”

Customer: “like hell they do. You dont know shit. I need to talk to a manager or atleast someone capable”

Me: “No one here can stop these payments from being due on the contracted date sir.”

Customer: “Dont fucking play with me. I’ll sue the hell out of you for causing me emotional stress. Put me through to someone higher up.”

Me: “Sorry sir but I cant do that”

Customer: “fine I’ll cancel the DD and wait for someone useful to contact me. In the meantime I’m going to the financial authorities.”

Me: “Sir if you dont pay on time you may receive arrears and it can affect your credit file.”

Customer: “threatening me on a recorded phone call is a pretty stupid move mate”

Me: “that was advice sir. All of these details are on your contract. Please dont do anything rash as we cant correct credit mark’s that weren’t due to our fault.”


Me: obviously confused at this response “no but that is not our fault which is why we cant just freeze the contract. I’m just trying to advise about financial issues you may encounter if you cancel your payments to get our attention.”

Customer: “get me a manager NOW”

ME: “….no, sorry”

Customer: “FK YOU, YOU ‘xenophobic insult’ LITTLE CT, I WILL HAVE YOU FIRED FOR THIS. phone slams onto a surface

I hang up as he goes off shouting in the distance.

TL;DR: Customer wanted me to do something we dont offer by being aggressive. Happens atleast twice a week.

Not too exciting but I still wish I could reach through the screen and slap some sense into these people. Tried to help and ate shit for it. How do people like this survive in life.

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