Some Bad Character

So, I work in a call center for an ISP. First off, just to clear up why there are no honorifics used in dialogue and why my colleague was allowed to respond like an actual human being without being fired is because I am neither American nor British.

Now, this didn’t happen directly to me but I was walking past and on my break as my colleague, C, was handling a particularly difficult customer. This man does not take shit and is in charge of handling customers that have been, for whatever reason, more trouble than normal to deal with for the rest of us First Line plebeians – Something he was in the middle of doing as I stop to have a chat with our local Superuser.

However, before I could really get anything out of my half open mouth (and it would stay half open for a bit) we hear a sudden “Please, customer, shut the fuck up”-like noise coming from C as well as very loud screaming coming from his headset. After a couple of seconds of this me and the SuperUser get to hear the following;

C: “HEY. Right now you’re screaming at me, but that is not how one treats fellow human beings. it shows bad FUCKING CHARACTER”

C then immediately turns towards the SuperUser and goes

C: “Sorry man, I just recently started on some new meds, they make me kinda aggressive.”

Turns out what had happened was that C and this Customer was apparently having a perfectly fine call, doing well, until the Customer (If you’re wondering why Customer is capitalized it’s because he was a Customer with a big C) had to do some troubleshooting on his end and plug a computer directly into the wall at which point he, out of nowhere, screamed “I AM NOT FUCKING PLUGGING ANY SHIT IN THIS IS YOUR INTERNET YOU NEED TO FIX IT”, to which C responded with his earlier qoute. Luckily, the customers C speak to have usually already been very rude to other First Line personnel so as far as I know he didn’t really get in trouble for it either!

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