And another one.

Boy, they are coming in back to back today.

Just had this annoying call.

I work for life insurance and I also process claims where people have to fill out forms. Many people are lazy and think just because a page didnt have anything filled out on it, they dont have to send that page in.

Well out of 5 pages, this guy only sent in page 1 and 3.

So I tell him.

Then this ensued:

Him: The girl before you said I only need to send in two pages and now you are saying I have to send in 3, so which is it.

me: yes sir, I see only pages 1 and 3.

Him: I sent in all pages, she said I only needed 2 and 4, now you are saying three.

Me: Yes sir, I checked again. We only have pages 1 and 3.

him: Well I sent in all the pages so what do yo umean you only have 1 and 3.

(me, giving up)

ME: Ok sir, if you sent everything in you should be fine.

Him: The girl before you only told me 2 pages and now your saying three, which is it?

me: Well if she told you that, you are good to go. (cuz obviously what im saying isnt true, right?)

Then he asked to speak to a supervisor stating i was “playing games”. LOL I told him like 3x, I wasnt going to keep saying it!!! JEEZ. Was I supposed to tell him incorrect info like the rep before me?

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