2 wholesome customers before christmas

I work in a call center for a major streaming service, so the holidays are peak season for us. Here’s two calls I got today, with different (and wholesome) customers.

Customer #1: hi, my tv says «error code 1». What is wrong?

Me: hi! Well, let’s start by turning it off and on again

Customer: hahahaha no way that’s gonna work. If it works I will do 50 pushups!

Me: deal! I know I’m gonna win so jokes on you.

Customer: oh NO oh NO it actually worked! Damn! I promise to do the push ups, thanks so much for the help, you saved christmas for us! we finish the conversation

Customer #2: hi, my tv says «error code 2». What is wrong?

Me: hi! Let’s start by removing the app and install it again.

Customer: ok, how?

Me: forgets the word «app store» and tries to figure out how to explain it

Me: so you need to find the place where all the apps live

Customer: uhm what do you mean?

Me: you know, the place where you find your apps, and they are hanging out together with all the other apps

Customer: hahahaha you mean the app store?

Me: yes!!! I’m sorry I forgot the name. It’s been a long shift.

Customer: that’s ok dear, we’ve all been there. Just remember to get enough sleep, food and water. You’re doing great we fix the problem and finish the conversation

TLDR; christmas customers can be the cutest customers

Edit: I suck at formatting

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And another one.

“I’ve been waiting for AGES to get through to you.”