Of tinfoil hats and goverment conspiracy

Something reminded me of this story and i wanted to share. This actualky happened to a coworker but its still one of my favorite stories

A few years back I worked seasonally supporting a tax site. You could do everything online or you could buy a disk and download the program to your own computer which is what the customer had done. At the end of using the program you could print out your return or connect online to efile. Efile is faster so most people did this.

He called in because he wasn’t able to get efile to work. My coworker takes him thru a few steps that don’t work and gets to the point in the process where we have to have the customer check their modem and in most cases refer them over to their internet provider.

Coworker tells guy he needs to check modem make sure lights are on. Guy tells him ok but I’ll need to unwrap it 1st


Guy tells coworker he has his modem wrapped in tinfoil to prevent the government from spying on him. At this point coworker tells the guy he will need to contact intnet provider and likely get a new modem. Because at this point wrapping it in tinfoil had most likely caused it to overheat and fry out. I feel bad for whoever got him when he called his provider.

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I don’t think that’s legally binding…?

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