A seasonal frustration

This happened a few years ago now but since I just found this sub I wanted to share. It still annoys me.

I used to work in a call centre for a uk high street bank in the complaints department. This customer was a business banking customer, had requested a payment to happen and it had been delayed. She called and spoke to me around 1430 on Christmas Eve. We shut at 1500.

(Part way through…)

Me: I’m sorry Mrs Customer, I really do appreciate your annoyance but there is literally nothing I can do. I cannot see that department’s transactions that are waiting to be credited and they are closed for the holiday. I have sent an urgent request to you business manager and also to the team directly asking them to deal with this as soon as possible, but this will be the day after Boxing Day at the earliest.

Her: This is outrageous I DEMAND you do something! How am I going to buy Christmas presents for my kids now?!

(At this point I know she’s just trying to fuck me over – it’s nearly 3pm Christmas Eve!)

Me: I really am so sorry, I can give you a temporary credit of £x until but I will have to debit this regardless of the balance in your account.

Her: so what happens if my credit isn’t there?

Me: I will still have to take the temp credit so that will take your account into your overdraft.

Her: well that’s not fair! What if the money doesn’t come in?

Me: this is the only solution I can offer you at this time, the bank can only cover this for you as a short term courtesy, if the money you are expecting doesn’t arrive then you should take it up with whoever sent it to you.

Her: :rants at me for a while:

Her: do you understand how annoying this is? I could be spending time with my friends and family right now – do you think I WANT to be spending time talking to you, on Xmas Eve, when you won’t even help me?

(This is when I see red)

Me: I am sorry this is so upsetting for you, but just so you know, I’m not exactly thrilled to be spending MY Christmas Eve talking to you while my children are at home either. Especially since my shift ended 30 minutes ago and I have given you the only possible resolution which you are not happy with.


Me: do you want me to issue the temporary credit or would you rather wait? It’ll be in your account immediately.

Her: oh just leave it. I’ll wait

I was so annoyed. Particularly because work had fucked up the holiday entitlement for that year, I was 2nd on the wait list for Xmas Eve and lost out when they made loads of people redundant and then hired some temps in. The temps swooped in and got all the holiday allowance.

I didn’t often speak so candidly to customers but she was very unfair!

Thanks for reading. It has been cathartic getting it out!

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