You got me fired

So, this wasn’t a call, instead between me and another employee, but at a call center, so hopefully it still counts.

A = Agent causing problems R = Agent that bought issue to my attention

I knew A had a tendency to be loud as we had worked on another team team together. I was her supervisor then as well as now. On this team, due to its size, I don’t sit near A, so I wasn’t aware of how loud she was being today.

R came up to me and asked if I could talk to A because she’s was starting to distract agents around her. While R was the one that spoke to me, it was clear that a few other agents felt this way as well.

So, I went to A and asked her to be mindful of her volume as others were trying to work and were having a hard time. She wasn’t happy and at first, refused. After I walked away, I was told she started calling agents names. I didn’t tell her who spoke to me, so the insults weren’t said directly to any one person, but to the agents that were in the general vicinity.

While I am a supervisor, I don’t do corrective actions. My supervisor does that, but she hadn’t come in yet. When she did get in, she talked to me about the incident as A had messaged her. I told her my side of the story, then went home since my shift was over.

Not even an hour later, my supervisor messages me asking for an incident report. Shortly after, A messages me, blaming me for getting her fired.

Like, no. If you’re getting fired, it’s because you 1) you refused orders from a superior 2) started insulting other agents And 3) started shit with my supervisor, cause when I left, you were just gonna get a write up

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