Woman wants money for not being notified… And she wants it now!

So, a bit of backstory for this one. I didn’t know whether or not to put this in one sub or the other, I thought it would be more fitting here since a call center is where it happened… And this isn’t a story of mine, my cubicle neighbor had this experience on a Spanish call. They summed it up for me.

Now first off… My neighbor, we’ll call them Billy (unisex name due to their condition) they’re transgender, and it’s easily picked up, since they have a high pitched voice.

This woman has an account set up with us to where whenever her balance within her account gets low for her usage on the toll, she gets a notification. In this case, she left an email to get this notification.

Another thing that customers seem to forget when they call us: YOUR ACCOUNT, EVEN THOUGH ITS WITH US, IS CUSTOMER MANAGED. Meaning that ANY and ALL INFO is to be made and maintained CURRENT via customer input.

“well you guys have my license plate on the bill, how come you can’t have just updated it within the system when you scanned it?” That’s not how it works, Carl.

“Well how come you don’t have my new credit card?” We’re not fortune tellers, Karen.

Okay, enough rambling. On mobile, so bear with me.

Billy gets a call around 11am today. Answering cheerfully, they go: “Buenos dias, gracias por llamada _______. Mi nombre es Billy, que puedo ayuda si este a hoy?” (Basically hi my name is Billy, how may I assist you? I studied Spanish for 4 years in a cram course and retained none of it, so please don’t bash me lol)

She goes into explaining to Billy that she never knew her account was low, because a notification was not sent to her. Now she has all these bills, and she feels like she doesn’t have to pay, yadda yadda.

B: (in Spanish) of course ma’am, I understand, we’re super sorry about the mix-up, can you verify the account information with me, including the email to make sure we got it correctly?

Customer verifies, and the email is spelled slightly incorrectly. It was also entered online. Via. The. Customer.

B: okay, I see that there is a slight misspelling here, I’m gonna change it so we don’t experience this anymore, then I can help you with the bills you received.

Customer goes mad. “No no, puta (in Spanish) I don’t HAVE to pay these! I will put money on my account and you can waive the bills, but I will not pay.”

B: unfortunately I can’t do that. These bills still need to be accounted f—


B: Okay. Let me put you on a hold for a minute, is that okay?

Cust gladly goes on hold, thinking she’d won, while Billy is SHAKING MAD. They pop their head over to me and start laughing

B: fucking crazy lady on the phone.

I laugh and get a call, so I turn my attention over to it.

Billy goes back on the phone and begins to explain to the woman how she can’t do that, as it’s over $300 in past due tolls that have yet to be accounted for. They also mention that the accounts are self managed, and that if we had miss matched information, that is the reason why we verify to make sure everything is correct. So it wasn’t on us.

Lady starts screaming, I mean, so loud, I could hear it from Billy’s headset over MY OWN CALL. Now, remember how I said I didnt retain any Spanish?

I didn’t, but I sure as hell knew the cursewords.

Shes going off. Throwing f-bombs and calling Billy a whore, and calling Billy out for being trans. Billy is on mute, laughing the whole time.

Then they go back.

B: yes ma’am, I am transgender, and proud of it. Though that isn’t the topic at hand. These bills have to be accounted for, or, you will face legal action and be considered a danger to the roadways. We don’t want that, so let me help you.

Lady is screaming “you can’t get the cops on me for a bill, that’s insane, that’s insane!” Trying to play victim.

Billy finally gets her to calm down, and begins to explain again, that they can update the email so it doesn’t happen again, and set her up with an agreement to pay off little by little.

Shes not happy, but she obliged.

End of the call, I’m peering into Billy’s cubicle as they close up. After taking off their headset, I laugh. Billy notices me and begins to laugh as well.

“This goes to show that even Spanish people get mad over their own mistakes, and not to English calls”

TL;DR: Woman wants compensation for her mixup to our system, ends up having to dish out some funds anyway.

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