Bad credit customer

Another one that stands out from my call center years was a customer that was falling further and further behind on his payments for internet service. The monthly cost was about $39, and he could not, or was not making payments for a couple of months. When it finally went to collections and was about to be disconnected, he called in to arrange a repayment schedule. His proposition was that if we left his service on, he would pay $25/month. I tried and tried to explain that he would continue to fall further into arrears each month, but did he understand that paying $25 for a $39 service was not going to “pay it off” as he said, but would keep getting deeper into debt, nope!

I honestly stopped wondering if people had any common sense after about a year in a call center, and after 3 or 4 I wondered how we got to the moon or split the atom.

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