Why did you bill me when I paid in full.

I work in an insurance company billing call center. I had an elderly lady call in to ask why she got a bill when she paid in full. After a little research, I discovered that while she had paid in full, she had increased her coverages a month later, resulting in a premium that was around $30 higher. Naturally, we have to bill for the difference.

“I paid in full. I shouldn’t have anything due.”

“Yes, you paid in full in March. In April, you increased your coverage, resulting in a bill for the difference.”

“I already paid in full. I shouldn’t owe anything.”

“If you change your service, it changes the amount due for that service. When you pay in full, you don’t owe anything else for the rest of the year, unless you change your service. When you increased your policy coverage, it increased the cost to you for the coverage, and we billed you for the amount remaining after your first payment. If you had decreased your coverage, we would have sent you a refund.”

“I don’t understand. I changed my coverage, but I shouldn’t owe anything, because I had already paid in full.”

Repeat the above in infinite variations X30. Looking back, I’m wondering if she needed someone acting as her power of attorney.

After sufficient internal screaming on my part, literally muting her to bang my head on my desk, and asking my coworkers if anyone had a brick stick to hit me with, she hung up. She never did understand while we were talking. 2 years later, I still don’t know if it ever clicked.

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