Capital mistake

I work at an ISP customer service. A couple years ago, we were still allowed to tell customers what their wifi password was when they’d forgotten it. I used to love those calls, because it was mostly old people calling in, they were almost always friendly and the issue was very easily solved by just logging in to their router and looking up the password. Sometimes however, you would get an idiot on the line:

Me: “Hi, you’ve reached [ISP name] customer service, how can I help?”
Customer: ” Yes! Hello? My internet isn’t working! I’ve tried everything.”
Me: “That’s unfortunate, let me see if I can help. What happens when you try to connect?”
Customer: “It gives me an authentication error.”

[I get him to read aloud what he’s entering as his wifi password and find out it doesn’t match the one I’m seeing in the router settings, which appears to be his mobile phone number.]

Me: “You have to enter your mobile phone number when connecting, that’s been set as your wifi password.”
Customer: “Just the numbers of my phone number?”
Me: “Yes, just the numbers, no dash or spaces.”
Customer: “Capital numbers or regular ones?”

[I just stay silent, waiting for him to realize his error.]

Customer: “Hello? Capital numbers or regular ones?”
Me: “Just regular numbers, sir.”

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