"I’m gonna call the police on you for fast deliveries!"

Title pretty much says it all. Obligatory English isn’t my first language.

I work in the dispute resolution department for a payment service. Basically if anything is wrong with a customer’s invoice/payment they go to me.

So this happened when I was relatively new in my department, kind of getting used to the new routines and all, no big deal really. I got my first call for the day and it was this older lady who was very upset.

She explained to me that she had ordered some posters from this website but later on, during the same day, changed her mind and wanted to cancel her purchase. She had contacted the store and they informed her they had unfortunately already sent out the goods and they were unable to cancel the purchase but advised her to either return the goods or refuse delivery.

“This is ridiculous! I’ve never heard of such a thing where they send the goods on the same day!! How can they do this to me?! I didn’t even get the chance to use my withdrawal right!! This is unacceptable!”

“Alright ma’am I understand, if you don’t want the goods I recommend that we dispute your invoice so you have time to send back the goods and keep in touch with the store about this issue.”

“IT’S NOT OKAY!!! How can they even conduct their business like this? I’ve spoken to the police about this-“

“Ma’am you’ve spoken to the police about this?”

“YES! They thought it was completely disgraceful and strongly advised me to file a report if they wouldn’t allow me to send back the goods.”


We spoke for a few more minutes after this and we came to the conclusion that she should just return the goods as soon as they came and not file a police report. She seemed to realise that maybe calling the police on a store for having fast deliveries wasn’t such a good idea…

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