”Why are you not charging me???”

This is a short story about people that do not know how anything in this world works.

I get a call from a customer who had just returned a rental vehicle and the call came through as a ”deposit” so I’m like ok, this person wants to know how the refund for the deposit works.

C: I want to know what’s going on with my deposit and why you are not charging me.

Me: Alright, let me check the system. Could you give me your rental agreement number?

Customer sounds super pissed that he has to give me this information, but he does it. I find the rental in the system, and see that it’s still open, which means the staff hasn’t checked the vehicle yet and the invoice isn’t issued which is why there isn’t a charge yet. In cases like this, if the staff messed up, I just write them an email to ask them to close the agreement and it’s all good.

Me: Sir, I see that your rental is still open, which is why no charges have been made yet-

C: *immediately interrupts me* What??? Why is my rental open? Are you scamming me?? I RETURNED THE CAR!!!

Me: When?

C: Literally two minutes ago!!

Me: Sir, you do realize that the staff needs to check the vehicle and issue an invoice before releasing your deposit, right? Plus, we only give an order to your bank, and they give you the money back. Please wait at least 48 hours before raising any alarms.

C: Are you serious right now??? You’re scamming me!!! I returned the keys and I expect to be charged IMMEADIATELLY!!!! TAKE YOUR MONEEEEEEY!!!! I want you to charge me right now!!!!! RIGHT NOW!!! I want to log in to my account right now and see a charge for the rental and my deposit back!!

Me: Sir, please do not yell at me. I want to believe that you know how bank charges work.

C: OF COURSE I KNOW, DON’T TREAT ME LIKE AN IDIOT!! *super condescendingly* Believe me, I know a lot more about these things than you do. I know exactly how this works. This is a scam!

Me: What scam is that? You were told that the vehicle would be revised and your deposit would be released within 48 hours, it’s in the contract you sign. You expect the staff to be able to do everything in two minutes within you handing them the keys??


Me: Ok, we’re done here. I have informed you of the way the closing of the rental works, and I assure you that your deposit will be released automatically once a charge is made. Feel free to contact us again if the money isn’t on your account in a couple of days.

C: WHY??? So you can keep lying to me??? You’re lying to meeeeee!!!!!! Why was my deposit blocked immediately but I can’t get charged immediately!!!!

Me: Sir, as I explained to you, the staff needs to check the car. What else do you want me to say? My explanation will not be different no matter how many times you yell the same thing.

C: I just want you people to do your jobs!!! I will be filing a complaint with the consumer’s office and I will tell ALL MY FRIENDS not to use your company!!!

He finally hung up as I was saying to him that he is free to file whatever complaint he wishes.

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