Can We Stop Throwing Discounts at Customers!

I work as a chat CSR at an online call center for a major retailer. Occasionally there are issues with customers orders and yes, you want to compensate them for their troubles but generally that should happen after you get an answer for the problem. Its annoying AF when associates don’t follow that particular procedure which is pretty fucking simple. Case in point, customer chatted in earlier today with a shipping issue. Item ETA was set for today but it hasn’t even shipped out yet. Customer’s had issues with another item on the order from the same vendor. This would lead one to believe that you should contact the vendor. So the previous associate tried but they are closed so they tell the customer to chat back in later. That should be that. If customer asks for compensation, you should say that we’ll be happy to address that once we have an answer to the shipping delay blah blah blah. What you shouldn’t do is throw a 15% discount at them and act like their item is on the way.

Guess who gets the re-chat? Me. Guess who speaks to the vendor? Me. Guess what information the vendor has? None. They have no clue whats going on and have to investigate the package to figure out whats going on… Guess what the customer wants? Another discount. On top of the $100 off they just got from the previous associate who just threw it their way before they even figured out what was going on. 15% is supposed to be our percentage max for basic issues, btw, So then I get to be the bad guy that says no, we need to wait and figure out what’s happening before we take any additional steps.

Just, I know I’m probably more frustrated then I need to be. I’ve been doing this four years and I’m over the lack of accountability that associates have when they touch an order. Nobody ever thinks beyond that one interaction.

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