“Oh Hello it’s ********* ****** someone was meant to be coming out to look at my TV aeriel today between 13:00 – 15:00 and they haven’t showed. Is it still going ahead?”
“Okay, it’s only 14:15”
“Yes but we’ve waited in all day for this!”
“Why have you waited in all day if you were told between 13:00 – 15:00?”
“In case he came early.”
“Okay Mrs ****** if you stayed in outside the times as well, I’m not sure how that can be the engineer’s fault.”
“Oh, no it’s not, I was just saying we’ve been waiting in all day and and he hasn’t come.”
“But it’s not even close to 15:00 yet…..”
“Yes but we’ve been waiting here all day”
“Were you advised to do that?”
“Okay, if he’s not there by 15:00, then by all means give us a call back”
“But we’re still within the time of your appointment!”
“So is he coming?”
“Yes, he’ll be there by 15:00”
“Well can he be here soon because we have plans”
“But you were told it’d be after 13:00”
“But we stayed in in case he arrived early!”

Went on like this for a while. I despair for the future of planet Earth, I really do…

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