A Rare Kudos Call Here – Why I Stay

Nothing major here, just felt happy it happened.

I manage a call center for a client that uses a survey based customer satisfaction system, which is a part of their performance measurement. Our agents are encouraged to push the survey first instead of a kudos call to raise their overall survey score.

That being said, we do not say no to a Kudos call but it seems the environment has a stronger avoidance of them since it lowers the chance the customer will take a survey.

We have a newer older agent that understands the survey is important and felt uncomfortable asking management to take a kudos call for them. Fortunately I was nearby and saw where the call was going and offered to take it.

The rep forgot to put the customer on any type of hold or mute and heard our brief conversation of how the call went so far and what was done (always want to jump on any call w some background info).

After taking the call, the customer told me they heard everything and thought it was the cutest thing to see our side of the conversation (something like the rep telling me how nice the cust was and the high 5 / encouragement I gave em).

These little things keep me around.

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