Technician falls off roof, am I getting service today?

Cable/Satellite/other services call center. Location is not anywhere near where installation occurs. Technician was installing services on the roof for the customer, he fell.

Customer calls in wanting me to call 9-11, I’m probing as to why and why she didn’t call herself. She says the technician fell off the roof and needs an ambulance but can you make sure my services and installation will be done within the next hour. I told her to call 9-11 as the center isn’t in the same state. She and other customers weren’t going to get their services as her location only has 1-2 technicians. She was upset and yelling, I told her the guy fell off the roof call 9-11, gives speech on her kiddos and all these excuses and I’m like call 9-11, your installation is delayed girl. I felt bad for the technician because he was probably still on the floor with no help called and hearing this customer complain. I’m still not sure how to make an outbound call to 9-11 for other states if an emergency happens.

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