When an 70 something years old customer thinks she knows better than the tech rep…

So, Saturday morning, after 31 calls, the last of the night comes in… another rep from a different dept, is calling because one customer just got a bloody service called “Safe&Found”, this gives for the customers the opportunity to use a small device( tracker) for their, pets, cars etc and as well it give the opportunity to install an app on their children phones( most likely) with what they can track in real time the location and control the usage of the smartphones of their children’s, as apps, timings, websites access etc. Just as a background story, I work for one of the 4 main mobile carriers in US, we deal all the time with calls regarding network coverage, the company is focusing more on the big cities coverage and not so much on the rural areas and because it’s one of the cheapest on the market, many people in the rural areas are buying postpaid plans and they regret after that.

So, as I was explaining this lady called because she has just bought this new service, she’s saying that the device is not working and the app is not active. I try to troubleshoot the bloody app, but everything it showed as being active and working. While asking the probing questions the lady it says that she’s watching at the screen of her smartphone and can’t see her name phone as being one of the devices tracked, is showing as being in the same spot as she is now. I’ve tried to explains that it’s normal, because she’s having her phone with her. It took me around 10 minutes explaining everything about the tracking methods, gps signal, geo-location method and all that. Next in line it was that she would want to use some certain code, like an invitation code to be added on the app, on another smartphone to be part of the list of the devices controlled by the account holder. When a customer buys this service, they have the option to add any other device(line) active on the acc just for basic tracking, or to add any user of the app on a smartphone for “parental control” and real time location tracking. This lady was calling for the past month to activate the invitation code for one her nephew, that nephew bring around 40yo, and using a flip phone, not a smartphone. The invitation with the code is sent by email, to anyone the customer would like to add on their “parental control” network. So she have sent an invitation to her nephew email address, it took them a month to access the email address and now she was looking to use the code from the email on to the email. I’ve spent another half hour explaining that the code is made to be used to register into the app on a smartphone and that it’s meant to be use on smartphones and not on flip phones. She started to call me stupid and that I dint know anything about phones. After 30 min wiggle, she asked for supervisor, I declined to bring one on the line, we were already off shift by 40 min, I offered to arrange an call back, she insisted on a supervisor, we spent another 20 min just on that subject, at the end she just use the classical “fvk you” and hung up the call and I was left speechless, because I did not expect from an 70 something yo to be that rude.

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