All I get is a solution? Poor customer service.

Been a while since my last post here, but I had an interesting situation yesterday I thought I’d share here.

I’m a supervisor for a luxury underwear and apparel company, and have also been training for QA. This was a pretty recent promotion and I’m super stoked to be off of phones – which is like the goal at call centers, right?

Yesterday, one of our newest agents, M, gets a call from a customer, C, regarding terrible customer service she received yesterday from another, veteran agent, B, and wants a callback from management. When M tells me this, I’m not surprised. B has been a problem for our team since at least the time i was hired on to this client, about a year ago. A former supervisor kept him around because she insisted she could “turn him around”, but she has since moved on to bigger and better things and is no longer with our call center. So, now we’re looking for as many reasons as we can to cut B after the holiday season when we don’t need the extra bodies.

I jot down the phone number into my list of QAs to do for November, and start listening to B’s call. I’m ready for the worst, I’m ready for a pissed off customer, for B to auto fail this call, all of it! Only… he handled it fine? His tone isn’t the nicest, but he did everything else right. A shipment never went out, and one item had gone out of stock, but B explained this, helped C pick out a different item, replaced the entire order, and even provided expedited shipping for the inconvenience.

I listen to M’s call shortly thereafter to see what exactly C said about B, and, I shit you not, this lady says to M, “My order never went out, and all I get is a… So Sorry? And expedited shipping? And I just think that’s very poor customer service.”

A callback was promised, so I ring her up, only to go to voicemail. The extent of my message was “We’ll be sure to go over the importance of tone with our agents, but I’m glad everything got resolved!”

The season of giving really brings out the greed in these people, huh?

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