Went from wanting 3 months credit to paying for 8 extra days.

This morning a guy calls in saying he has been calling all the time for the last 3 months to inactivate and he keeps getting told he will get a callback and he doesn’t. Now he’s paid 3 months he says he hasn’t used the service and wants a refund and to inactivate.

A few red flags go up for me the 3 main ones are the lack of callback and keep trying for months. If he is calling after hours he may be getting our answering service and if they are not passing his message this is a big deal we will be liable for. Secondly, unless something personal with this guy they wouldn’t ignore this many per what he was saying times called. Lastly, the usage easily check, will cover that later.

I get the account verified and looked up

I offer to set up the inactivate first opening which is Monday morning at this point. He says what about his money? So to answer the one red flag in my head I asked are you calling after hours on this? This is where it goes downhill. “no same hours as right now during the day”. And with that, I was done with empathy. Now I am in let the liar dig deeper mode you though of credits is soon to be gone. We have a literal handful on phones and ALL those on the phones do inactivates we don’t say we will have someone call you back we handle it. The only ones who say that are the answering service.

I ask again. Are you sure it was during business hours? He says yes. I ask “do you recall if it was a male or female voice on the phone” he says male each time. And with that, I said “sir. I am the only male on our phones have been since early July, I have not taken your calls nor would I tell you I’d be calling back to do something I could do then and there. As I am doing now. There will be no 3-month refund, but I can set up the inactivate as you requested for the first opening which is Monday morning.”

At this point all I get is “so my 200 dollars for the last 3 months is gone”

Me: Sir at this point you want 3 months credit since you claim you’ve been calling all during that time in your words ‘during business hours’ and the man you are talking to which by process of elimination has to be me. Says we will call you back to set up the inactivate. A quick check in your usage history shows up till the 1st of November the services were being used. That is where the 200 dollars went towards your bill for services received and used.

Defeated soon to be a former customer: So what happens if I just keep the modem since we moved out. How much is that?

Me: 120 dollars. You can mail it back to us. (and give him our mailing address)

Resigned the call ended soon after the inactivate work order set and done on the first call about it, no refunds given.

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