Cars are now comparable to how stoves are sold. Interesting….. *Sarcasm*

I have posted before but had this little gem today. I work in a large retail chain and help customers on chat. This guy wanted to know why different types of colors of the same range (Stove) were different prices. Keep in mind with appliances we don’t stock them. We source them directly from the manufacturer.

Hello, My name is Slowly Going Insane! Hope your day is going well! Thank you for choosing Large Retail Chain! Please allow me 2-3 minutes to read over how I can help you today! Thank you in advance for your patience! 🙂

So normal retail price on all of those variants are $2,000 it looks like the manufacturer has decided for the sale to put more of a sale price on some variants than others. This could be for a few reasons. They could have a surplus of stock or wanting to try sell more of one variant than the other.
Adding a thousand dollars to the price by a color change isn’t instilling confidence in the manufactures products.
Its not technically adding a thousand dollars Customer. The retail price while not on sale for each variant is $2000
They discounted one more than the other
So when this goes off of sale on 12/5/2019 it will be back at that $2,000 price mark
Which makes no sense. A red Chevrolet of same model isn’t a thousand more than a white one. The huge price difference makes one believe at half off what is the real value ? (I wanted to retort that color actually plays a big part in how much a car costs but that would have made him more outraged)
You are more than welcome to argue that point with the manufacturer Customer. They are the ones that control the prices we sell at
I may be better off with a better quality range from an appliance store. I have heard seconds and over stocks end up at various all purpose sales locations.
We get our appliances directly from the manufacturers who ship them directly to our delivery teams to deliver to you Customer. No second hands here

What do you think?

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Went from wanting 3 months credit to paying for 8 extra days.

Lesson learnt – Never think good of the customer