Ready to battle and the war left you behind

Guy calls in you could just feel it, enough years on the phones you hear that pent up ready to rage in the voice the, you ready to tussle with me boy sound in his voice. All fired up and ready to go.

Person calling in – DB – for deflated balloon (it will make sense hopefully)

Me- well me

Me: Thank you for calling ISP how can I help you

DB- I’ve used your stinking company for so many years but this last year has been the worst the service. What he hell is wrong with you people? (no pause) I have had it I want my service canceled I want the last couple of months credited to me and I want it now. (all very loud and run on)

Me- (waiting on him to breathe after his rehearsed sounding speech) – The odd area code is already throwing up red flags. I skip verification formalities and ask for what town is the service for.

DB- You damn well know for what town for, Rocky Point.

Me- Sir, we sold Rocky Point near a year ago to Other ISP. If you are having issues with the internet I’d recommend calling them.


Me- Sir? hello?

DB – (sounding quite confused) but My credit my service needs to be canceled. (nowhere near the fervor in his voice now ‘deflated balloon’)

Me- As I stated we sold that portion of our system near a year ago. You’d have to contact Other ISP about your account.

DB- (defeat just running out of his voice at this point) you can’t give me credit?

Me- You are no longer our customer sir, have not been for about a year. Thank you have a good day. (put him out of his misery at that point and ended the call.

Text form here doesn’t do justice you could hear him all fired up at the beginning all ready all hyped and then like that, all gone and dejected almost.

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Went from wanting 3 months credit to paying for 8 extra days.