Tonight I Issued A "Poutine Credit"

So I work for a Telecoms company and I’m located in Canada. We can apply $10 credit to accounts without supervisor approval just as long as we aren’t going overboard and say, issuing it on every call.

Tonight I had a lovely lady from the Midwest who picked up almost immediately that I was from Canada. (Apperently Americans don’t say “Hey” or atleast we say it differently) Anyways she starts telling me how much she loves poutine and loves Canada because of it. Somewhat ashamedly I’m kinda proud to be Canadian. We don’t have the biggest army, sports that aren’t played on snow generally confuse and scare us and our Prime Minister while a bit of a SJW also has an affinity for blackface.

As I’m fixing a few things on her account she is telling me all about how much she loves Canada and Canadian things. As the call is wrapping up I tell her “Ma’am I love Canada. Maybe as much as you do. So tonight I’m going to credit your account $10 and I want you to use that and go out and buy the biggest dirtiest poutine you can find…and you better not let me down by going somewhere with shredded cheese”

by no means a great story but still a story.

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