"Can you tell me when my customer will get their order?" "Sorry you need to check with your supplier." "Okay but can you tell me?"

Hi y’all, just got a call from a newsagents when we deal with customers who subscribe to us direct. He didn’t really accept when I said I can’t help him.

Me: Hi there cake magazine, Gaytor speaking, how can I help?

Newsagent: Hi I’ve got a customer waiting for a back order for issues 1, 2, 3 and 4? I’m a newsagents you see.

Me: Oh! Sorry we don’t deal with any supply to newsagents, just our direct subscribers.

Him: Well can you tell me when 1 to 4 are going to be republished?

Me: Uh, no but tell you what I’ll see if anyone has an idea (they don’t but thought I would try).

Me: Hi sorry no one knows sorry, as I said we only deal with direct subscriptions I was just told to tell you to Contact your supplier.

Him: Okay but can you tell me when they’ll be in then?

Me:… No sorry we don’t handle supply or stock to newsagents, you’ll need to Contact your supplier.

Him: I already called your team in Newcastle (who???) And they said to call you!

Me: Sorry we don’t have anything to do with stock to newsagents.

Him: But when will thry be in???

Me: I don’t know you’ll need to Contact your supplier.

Him: Hmph, fat lot of help you were. click

Some people, honestly…

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