"This is Jenna’s mom"

Thought I would share this one because it gave me a bit of a kick. I work at a collections call center for a big gym, as expected people don’t really read the agreements they sign (especially younger people) and end up getting stuck with a huge gym bill when don’t follow the proper cancellation procedure.

So earlier today I called Jenna — 19 years old. I have a habit of quickly looking up their home address on Google. If I see they live in a swanky condo or house with a high property value I pitch the full amount. I don’t want to lowball someone living in a 800k house.

Anyway, so this girl had a $300+ gym bill and rather than going in with a 50 percent settlement or balance forgiveness I went for the full amount. Well… she didn’t understad what collections meant. She started panicking on the phone and kept saying

“SIR! I don’t want it! I don’t want it! I don’t want it. What are you not understanding about the fact that I don’t want it.” She was quickly becoming irate and I kept trying to explain to her “Well…Jenna, collections isn’t something that you want or that you don’t want. It’s something that happens when a debt goes unpaid. It goes into collections and eventually, if it can’t be resolved, the finance company pursues the account for the full amount as a bad debt”

She continued yelling — “I don’t want it! Get rid of it. I don’t know what this means! I am 19 — I just want to get rid of it. Remove it now!” I calmly tried to explain — “Jenna, I can’t justify removing your account out of collections without bringing down the balance. It’s simply not possible.” She ended the call after that and I assumed it was the end of it….

25 minutes later a call gets transferred to me, I get a loud booming wild Karen on my line — “HELLO! (MY NAME)? THIS IS JENNA’S MOTHER! YOU CALLED MY DAUGHTER?” And I’m like, “Oh, um. Yes. I spoke with Jenna a little bit ago regarding her gym account being in a return for collections maam.” And then I realize Jenna is on the line as well, “I TOLD HIM I DIDN’T WANT IT MOM! BUT HE WOULDN’T LISTEN. I TOLD HIM TO TAKE IT OUT.”

So I try to interject — “Well, um. Jenna’s mom.. actually what is your name so I don’t have to call you Jenna’s mom” She tells me it’s irrelevant and then Jenna interjects again, shouting (repeating) that she told me to remove it from collections. And then it turns into an entire family drama, the girl’s mom starts shouting at her daughter like “JENNA! SHUT THE F*** UP AND LET ME HANDLE IT!” So the girl starts sobbing and yelling at her mother that she can’t speak to her that way.

And I’m just sitting there the whole time…witness to this family drama, soaking it all in. I try to interject again — “Jenna’s mom, I tried to explain to her the terms of her agreement. Because she never went to cancel, the account remained open and billing. Now I can off—” And then she cut me off — “Sir. I don’t really care about any of this, what is the amount owed?” “364 dollars ma’am” And then Jenna starts shouting again, asking if she’s really going to pay that. Her mom puts her in line again, tells her to “shut the f**** up and let her handle it.” followed by a “DO YOU WANT TO HAVE BAD CREDIT?! HANG UP THE GODDAMNED PHONE JENNA”

So I try to schmooze a little bit because this is all kind of intense and I get immediately shut down by the mom, who responds with — “I don’t care to hear you speak anymore sir. I have my card number ready for you, let’s collect payment and get this over with.”

And then I took her billing info, charged the 364 and she hung up on me.

It was kind of great.

TLDR : Young girl doesn’t understand what being in collections means, has a panic attack on the phone, Her mom ‘Karen’ calls in and shouts at me and her daughter, and pays me 364 dollars no questions asked.

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