A gift card for passing a class?

Alright so I work as an admissions advisor for an online college. We enroll students over the phone. I understand not all people understand how college works. Anyways, I’m interviewing this woman who homeschools her children, has previous college credit, has claimed she doesn’t have student loans, and wants to go back to school for a degree in counseling.

While walking her through our process she asked, is there a points system. And I asked her to clarify. She says like when you buy so many items you get one free type deal. I said no miss this is a college, not a store. She asked, so there’s no incentive, or I can’t get classes for free or tuition reimbursement for taking more classes? I said no, the incentive is the degree and more opportunities to utilize this degree in your future. You told me you want a better life for you children, and yourself. She said well when I home school my kids I give them candy or money. If I get a good grade or pass a class I won’t get a gas card or gift card? I said no, we enroll adults who WANT to go to school, and the degree is their motivation. She didn’t respond. She then proceeded to ask me if the points next to the assignments on the video I had showed her added up to anything in particular, I said yes, a grade for your class. And she asked if she was compensated for that, I said you are given a grade for credits towards your degree. Moving forward I explain to her tuition and the cost of credit hours. She said so those credits, thats the program for points right?! What do those go towards? I said miss? She said well what do I get after so many credits? I said a degree, I had stated earlier your degree is 183 credit hours. Remind you this woman has attended college before, and has already been through this process once. She had said I just don’t get it, I would rather spend money on the homeless than towards a school. I said you called me asking for more information because you want to go back to school. The money is towards a degree for your future endeavors. She agreed to move forward. Before enrolling I asked if she had previously filed for financial aid or even has student loans. She said she has filed for financial aid but has never received student loans. I asked if she was able to pay on her own, she said yes, but wants to use student loans now. After all this she still wants to apply so I let her. Come to find out, the school she was previously enrolled in was our school 5+ years ago and she is in default in her previous student loans and she was not able to apply. This phone call took well over an hour.

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"This is Jenna’s mom"

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